Intruder Alarm System

We are not only specialists in intruder alarm installation but also in servicing burglar alarms. Our team of specialists have expertise in all sort of wired or wireless alarm system in the market can provide these services at cost-effective prices.We are able to install our systems into any kind of property and are able to repair and maintain any intruder alarm system even if we did not install it. We can take over your existing system’s service contract.

If you have any questions on our commercial or home security systems, visit our Office or simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. We are located in Leeds but serve nationwide.

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Thanks for your quick response and excellent timekeeping throughout our contract at the Skipton site. The mobile patrol guards kept the site safe at all times
Nicola Hardwick

Nicola Hardwick, Controlled Group

This is a company which provide an excellent security service. The security guards performed their tasks in a professional manner at all times.

James Sanderson, The Carphone Warehouse

I came to Golden crown with some specific needs and expectations and they have worked tremendously to truly deliver an exceptional service.

Connor Scherer, Liv Group

A fine security company offering first class security of many kinds.
So if you have a business that needs security or that is generally disposed to feeling insecure or maybe you have one of those large plots of waistland “with potential” and you’re worried some one will try stealing it, dump on it, set up a traveling caravan site and do both of the aforementioned, (I mean who doesn’t worry about this happening every time you leave the house), then you absolutely need Golden Crown to put metal fencing up and keep it safe until you decide to sell it to a house building company for vast profit so they can build mega cheap housing then sell them for even vaster profit.

Dr. Fred Dave, NHS

Don’t leave it to late?

Is your house safe enough from burglars and home intruders? Even if you live in a “safe” neighbourhood installing a quality burglar alarm system is one of the most important things you can do to keep your loved ones, family, and valuables safe. If you already have a home alarm system installed, it is advisable to have your alarm company checked your system to ensure it is working to a good standard and functioning properly. We, at Golden Crown Security provide professional burglar alarm upgrade and installations for domestic houses and commercial properties covering all of Yorkshire and North of England. Our intruder and burglar alarm system covers the following areas:

  • Window/door contacts
  • Motion detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Shock sensors




    Your City

    Watching For You

    We can watch your property while you are away on a holiday or at work and deal with any work requirements or emergency service if occured.

    Alarm Response

    Our officers will attend your property as and when needed to help with any requirements or emergencies.

    Keyholding Service

    Golden Crown Security can hold you property’s  keys and work with you or on your behalf to allow any access when and if needed.

    Free Consultation

    Why don’t you ring us and talk to us regarding the varies of services that we can you help you with at no obligation.